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GiST Journal ISSN Print (1692-5777), ISSN (2248-8391) is a peer reviewed journal published bi-annually. GiST Journal disseminates the results of national and international studies in language education, especially in bilingual education and language learning innovations.

GiST Journal addresses topics related to language learning and bilingualism, language policy, the relationship between language, culture, and society, the role of first and second languages, teaching methodologies, learning strategies, educational planning, and other topics related to language education.


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No 14 (2017): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal

Full Issue

View or download the full issue GiST 14_2017-Jan-Jul (Español)

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF (Español)
Carlo Granados Beltran 4-5
Questions in English as a Medium of Instruction versus non-English as a Medium of Instruction Lectures PDF (Español)
Carmen Maiz Arevalo 6-31
Oral Skills Development Through the Use of Language Learning Strategies, Podcasting and Collaborative Work PDF (Español)
Martha Devia Grisales, Andersson Smith García 32-48
Improving English Language Learners’ Academic Writing: A Multi-Strategy Approach to a Multi-Dimensional Challenge PDF (Español)
Nora Lucía Marulanda Ángel, Juan Manuel Martinez García 49-67
Educational videos: a didactic tool for strengthening English vocabulary through the development of affective learning in kids PDF (Español)
Jonnathan Celis Nova, Clara Isabel Onatra Chavarro, Any Tatiana Zubieta Córdoba 68-87
The Logic of Sense incorporated to the notion of Inquiry as an Orientation for Learning: two classroom experiences PDF (Español)
Gonzalo Camacho Vásquez 88-106
Exploring English Language Teaching in an Ecuadorian Urban Secondary Institution PDF (Español)
Mayra C Daniel, Ximena Burgin 107-134
Rethinking curriculum in the linguistics component of a major on bilingual education PDF (Español)
Carlos Arias-Cepeda, Sandra Rojas 135-157
Understanding Language Teaching From Method to Postmethod PDF (Español)
Nancy Bautista Pérez 158-164

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