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GiST Journal ISSN Print (1692-5777), ISSN (2248-8391) is a peer reviewed journal published bi-annually. GiST Journal disseminates the results of national and international studies in language education, especially in bilingual education and language learning innovations.

GiST Journal addresses topics related to language learning and bilingualism, language policy, the relationship between language, culture, and society, the role of first and second languages, teaching methodologies, learning strategies, educational planning, and other topics related to language education.


GiST Education and Learning Research Journal is indexed in the following: 


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Table of Contents

Editorial PDF (Español)
Josephine Taylor 5-10

Research Articles

Effectiveness of Systemic Text Analysis in EFL Writing Instruction PDF (Español)
Ender Velasco Tovar 11-33
Effects of Tasks on Spoken Interaction and Motivation in English Language Learners PDF (Español)
Nubia Patricia Carrero Pérez 34-55
Lexical Competence and Reading Comprehension: A Pilot Study with Heritage Language Learners of Spanish PDF (Español)
Edna Velásquez 56-74
Teachers and Students’ Stereotypes about the Teaching and Learning of English PDF (Español)
Eliana Edith Roberto Flórez, Gladis Leonor Arias Rodriguez 75-92
Task-based Learning and Language Proficiency in a Business University PDF (Español)
Amelia Chloe Caroline Newsom-Ray, Sarah Jane Rutter 93-110
Evidence of Intercultural Communication Competence in Tenth Grader’s Narrative Texts PDF (Español)
María Eulalia Guerrero Moya, Liliana Muñoz Ortíz, Ana María Niño Díaz 111-130
Cultural Collision: The Interference of First Language Cultural Identity on Pragmatic Competence of the Target Language PDF (Español)
Yi-Fen Cecilia Liu 131-147
High School Students’ Attitudes and Experiences in EFL Classrooms Equipped with Interactive Whiteboards PDF (Español)
Turgay Han, Semih Okatan 148-165
Using the Cognitive Apprenticeship Model with a Chat Tool to Enhance Online Collaborative Learning PDF (Español)
Mónica Rodríguez-Bonces, Kris Ortíz 166-185


Reviewers PDF (Español)
Josephine Taylor 195

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