No 13 (2016)


Table of Contents

Editorial PDF (Español)
Josephine Taylor 5-10

Research Articles

Effectiveness of Systemic Text Analysis in EFL Writing Instruction PDF (Español)
Ender Velasco Tovar 11-33
Effects of Tasks on Spoken Interaction and Motivation in English Language Learners PDF (Español)
Nubia Patricia Carrero Pérez 34-55
Lexical Competence and Reading Comprehension: A Pilot Study with Heritage Language Learners of Spanish PDF (Español)
Edna Velásquez 56-74
Teachers and Students’ Stereotypes about the Teaching and Learning of English PDF (Español)
Eliana Edith Roberto Flórez, Gladis Leonor Arias Rodriguez 75-92
Task-based Learning and Language Proficiency in a Business University PDF (Español)
Amelia Chloe Caroline Newsom-Ray, Sarah Jane Rutter 93-110
Evidence of Intercultural Communication Competence in Tenth Grader’s Narrative Texts PDF (Español)
María Eulalia Guerrero Moya, Liliana Muñoz Ortíz, Ana María Niño Díaz 111-130
Cultural Collision: The Interference of First Language Cultural Identity on Pragmatic Competence of the Target Language PDF (Español)
Yi-Fen Cecilia Liu 131-147
High School Students’ Attitudes and Experiences in EFL Classrooms Equipped with Interactive Whiteboards PDF (Español)
Turgay Han, Semih Okatan 148-165
Using the Cognitive Apprenticeship Model with a Chat Tool to Enhance Online Collaborative Learning PDF (Español)
Mónica Rodríguez-Bonces, Kris Ortíz 166-185


Reviewers PDF (Español)
Josephine Taylor 195

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