No 9 JUL-DEC (2014)

GiST Education and Learning Research Journal

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF (Español)
Josephine Taylor 5 -8

Research Articles

Students’ Responses to the Use of Songs in the EFL Classroom at a Public School in Bogotá: A Critical Approach PDF (Español)
Nilsen Palacios, Claudia Marcela Chapetón 9-30
The Effects of Differentiated Instruction on the Literacy Process of Learners with Interrupted Schooling PDF (Español)
Liliana Niño Santisteban 31-49
The Use of First Language in the Second-Language Classroom: A Support for Second Language Acquisition PDF (Español)
Mara Salmona Madriñan 50-66
Peer Feedback in Anonymous Peer Review in an EFL Writing Class in Spain1 PDF (Español)
Robert A. Coté 67-87
Compensation Strategies: Tracking Movement in EFL Learners’ Speaking Skills PDF (Español)
Alireza Karbalaei, Tania Negin Taji 88-102
Agency in the Reconstruction of Language Identity: A Narrative Case Study from the Island of San Andrés PDF (Español)
Carlos Augusto Arias 103-123
Linguistic Symbol Intraference in Textese and E-mailese: Implications for Teaching and Learning Standard English PDF (Español)
Omowumi Steve Bode Ekundayo 124-141
Interaction in a Blended Environment for English Language Learning PDF (Español)
Yuranny Marcela Romero Archila 142-156
Distance Education for EFL Teachers: Perceptions of Learner Support PDF (Español)
Ruth Roux, Nelly Paulina Trejo Guzmán, Elsa Fernanda González 157-178
Sensitizing Young English Language Learners towards Environmental Care PDF (Español)
Rigoberto Castillo, Maria del Pilar Rojas 179-195

Reflective Articles

Technology-based Biliteracy Centers for the 21st Century Learner PDF (Español)
Sandra Mercuri, Laura Ramos 196-216
Teaching and learning another language strategically PDF (Español)
Aglaya Weidner 217-221


Peer Reviewers PDF (Español)
Josephine Taylor 222

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