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No 7 (2013): GiST Journal 21st Century Skills and the English Foreign Language Classroom: A Call for More Awareness in Colombia Abstract   PDF (Español)
Yamith José Fandiño
No 10 (2015): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal A Baseline Study of Strategies to Promote Critical Thinking in the Preschool Classroom Abstract   PDF (Español)
Jenny Melo León
No 12 (2016): GiST EDUCATION AND LEARNING RESEARCH JOURNAL A Comparison of the Effect of Text-Picture and Audio-Picture Annotations in Second Language Vocabulary Recall among Iranian EFL Learners Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alireza Karbalaei, Ali Sattari, Ziba Nezami
No 12 (2016): GiST EDUCATION AND LEARNING RESEARCH JOURNAL A Narrative Inquiry into Preservice English Teachers’ Imagined Identities Abstract   PDF (Español)
María Cristina Sarasa
No 5 (2011): GiST Journal A Spectrum of Situatedness for World Language Educators: A Self-assessment Tool Abstract   PDF (Español)
David Schwarzer, Melanie Bloom
No 6 (2012): GiST Journal Academic Writing and Grammatical Accuracy: The Role of Corrective Feedback Abstract   PDF (Español)
Sasan Baleghizadeh, Yahya Gordani
No 1 (2007): GiST Journal Action Research and Collaboration: A New Perspective in Social Research and Language Education Abstract   PDF (Español)
Yamith José Fandiño
No 9 JUL-DEC (2014): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal Agency in the Reconstruction of Language Identity: A Narrative Case Study from the Island of San Andrés Abstract   PDF (Español)
Carlos Augusto Arias
No 10 (2015): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal An Approach to Integration: The Integration of Language and Content to promote L2 Learner Autonomy at the College Level Abstract   PDF (Español)
Pablo M. Oliva, María del Pilar Núñez Delgado
No 7 (2013): GiST Journal An Investigation of Tensions between EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices about Teaching Culture Abstract   PDF (Español)
Sasan Baleghizadeh, Maryam Saneie Moghadam
No 8 Jan -Jun (2014): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal Analyzing Bilingual Teaching and Learning in Madrid, Spain: A Fulbright Scholar Collaborative Research Project Abstract   PDF (Español)
Linda Gerena, Dolores Ramírez-Verdugo
No 8 Jan -Jun (2014): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal Art as a Medium for Bilingualism and Biculturalism: Suggestions from the Research Literature Abstract   PDF (Español)
Mayra C. Daniel, Mary Huizenga- McCoy
No 7 (2013): GiST Journal Assisting your Child’s Learning in L2 is like Teaching them to Ride a Bike: A Study on Parental Involvement Abstract   PDF (Español)
Rigoberto Castillo, Linda Catherine Camelo
No 3 (2009): GiST Journal ¡Preparados, Listos, Ya!: An Interpretative Case Study Centered on Teaching Hispanic Parents to Support Early Bilingual Literacy Development Prior to Kindergarten Abstract   PDF (Español)
Diane E. Lang, Diane W. Gómez, Suzanne M. Lasser
No 4 (2010): GiST Journal Beyond Bilingual Education:Multilingual Language Education in Nepal Abstract   PDF (Español)
Shelley K. Taylor
No 1 (2007): GiST Journal Bilingüísmo: La lengua materna ante la globalización Abstract   PDF (Español)
Juan Alberto Blanco Puentes
No 1 (2007): GiST Journal Bilingüismo Indígena en Colombia Abstract   PDF (Español)
Walter David Alarcón
No 7 (2013): GiST Journal Bilingual and ESL Pre-service Teachers Learn about Effective Instruction for ELLs through Meaningful Collaboration Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alma D. Rodríguez
No 5 (2011): GiST Journal Bilingual Teacher Beliefs and Practice: Do They Line Up? Abstract   PDF (Español)
Claudia Peralta Nash, Celia den Hartog King
No 8 Jan -Jun (2014): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal Borderlands Epistemologies and the Transnational Experience Abstract   PDF (Español)
Mary A. Petrón, Barbara Greybeck
No 3 (2009): GiST Journal Building Background: What It Takes to Really Make a Lesson Connect with Students Abstract   PDF (Español)
Jennifer Paola Calderón Pachón, Milena Patricia Jiménez Vargas
No 7 (2013): GiST Journal Challenges of Bilingualism in Higher Education: The Experience of the Languages Department at the Universidad Central in Bogotá, Colombia Abstract   PDF (Español)
Carlo Granados Beltrán
No 9 JUL-DEC (2014): GiST Education and Learning Research Journal Compensation Strategies: Tracking Movement in EFL Learners’ Speaking Skills Abstract   PDF (Español)
Alireza Karbalaei, Tania Negin Taji
No 6 (2012): GiST Journal Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Considerations in the Colombian Context Abstract   PDF (Español)
Jaisson Rodríguez Bonces
No 3 (2009): GiST Journal Contextualizing Multilingualism in Moroco Abstract   PDF (Español)
Mayra C. Daniel, Alexis Ball
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